Collage: Paolo de Guzman

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Milan Basic

Christian Laub

A Jumble of mixed media born from spray can art by local Vancouver spray can artist.

'korCT&LVea' is a photographic series that elicits the lifestyle, social issues and culture apparent within South Korea. It serves as an informal critique from an outside perspective of a country that has developed immensely since its postwar state.




Mondays - 8pm til 3am

Vancouver New Music Series
8pm to 1am
dj Summers w/ the newest tunes and no doubt some remixes that you've never heard before -- along with visuals to delight your senses.

Tuesdays - 8pm til 3am

Art Openings
A night of art openings the first two tuesdays each month with dj Patrick spinning on on the third and fourth.

Wednesdays - 8pm til 3am

The Kytami Revolution
A night of local bands hosted by Kyla.

Thursdays - 8pm til 3am

Cold Lampin' Thursdays
A night of local djs hosted by Cam.

Fridays and Saturdays - 8pm til 4am

Chill out to fine tunes and great food.

Sundays - 9pm til 2am

Comedy Sweat Shop
Weekly Comedy Competition sordidly pimped by Jy Harris